INCLUDEnyc’s expert staff teaches free workshops at schools and neighborhood organizations citywide. The workshops cover a wide range of disability topics and are designed to meet the most pressing needs of families of young people with disabilities.

Our most popular workshops are listed below. We will also work with you to create a specialized workshop that fits your specific needs. Please contact Rich Overton at 212-677-4650 x11, or for more information.


Our most popular workshops

District 75 and Alternative Settings for Students with Disabilities:
Learn how to take advantage of the full range of special education programs and services available to students with disabilities in the least restrictive setting.

Intro to Special Education: Overview of special education: Learn the NYC process, including timelines for referral, evaluation, services, placement, and parent rights and role.

Top 5 Rights in Special Education: Learn your rights and responsibilities under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Understanding Your Child's IEP: How to read your child's IEP, understand the sections, and learn where to find recommendations and important information.

Understanding Your Child's Preschool IEP: How to read your child's preschool IEP and learn where to find recommendations and important information, with a focus on understanding services and processes for children ages 3-5.

The Special Education Advocate: Become your student’s best advocate and get them the support and services they need at school.

Your Kindergarten Guide (Turning 5): If your child with disabilities is turning five, it’s time to prepare for kindergarten. We will help you come up with a successful transition plan.

Special Education Mediation: Are you having problems with your child’s special education? Learn about mediation and how it can solve them.

High School Application Process:
Navigate the NYC public high school application process and identify appropriate school choices for your child with a disability.

Advocacy Skills for Parents: Become your child's best advocate and get them the support and services they need in any situation, including in school, in the community, and with health care.

Parenting a Child with a Disability: One of INCLUDEnyc's family educators will share their personal and professional experiences parenting and advocating for their child with disabilities.

Transition and Life After High School: Develop an action plan to help your child with a disability transition to a meaningful life of learning, earning, and independence.

The Road to Independence: Understand the benefits of and barriers to self-advocacy as you and your child forge a new path to independence.

Busing and Specialized Transportation: Where’s the bus? Find solutions with on-the-spot strategies! Know your role, what to expect, who to contact.

Exploring the Early Years: Understanding Children with Different Abilities: Learn about child development milestones and common parent concerns, including autism, speech delays, and sensory processing disorder.