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INCLUDEnyc brings love, equity, and access to young people with disabilities in New York City by providing them and their families with the resources and support they need.

We give families with children and young people from birth to 26 with any disability the knowledge, confidence, and skills they need to make informed decisions, effectively access and navigate systems and services, and the ability to advocate for themselves and other young people.

We actively work to change the conversation about people with disabilities. In doing so, we hope to reduce the stigma associated with disability and to promote a family voice in the policy process. INCLUDEnyc also supports educators, youth workers, and other professionals in partnering with young people and families for success.

We are the New York State-funded Special Education Parent Center for New York City’s four largest boroughs, a member of the federal Parent Training and Information Center (PTIC) collaborative for New York City and Long Island, and the lead partner for the Rehabilitative Services Administration PTIC for New York City and upstate New York.

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Our Help Line specialists provide in-depth, one-on-one help and referral information to parents in English and Spanish, with translation to 200 additional languages available.


Our expert staff teaches workshops at schools and neighborhood organizations citywide. The workshops cover a wide range of disability topics and are designed specifically to meet parents' most pressing needs.

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We host online, live-streamed workshops that allow parents and professionals to have real conversations with our experts about parenting and disability from their own home or office.

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We provide community support to parents through our many partnerships, in locations throughout the five boroughs, in order for parents to get assistance in their own community.

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Our website offers online videos, tips sheets, and useful contacts and links created and curated by our expert staff, organized in an accessible, family-friendly way.

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Our weekly Navigator and monthly ACCESS news aggregates keep families and their communities up to date with news, opinions, resources, and events for the disability community.

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Our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are key resources for sharing information with our families and partners.

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Out of over 800,000 New Yorkers with disabilities:
of them are young people1
1 in 3
live in poverty2
do not graduate high school3
4 in 5
are unemployed4
more likely to be a victim of a violent crime5

¹ Preliminary Mayor's Management Report, Feb 2016
² Annual Disability Statistics Compendium, Rehabilitation Center on Disability Statistics and Demographics
³ NYC DOE Graduation Outcomes Highlights
⁴ Demographic Labor Force Information Report, Bureau of Labor Statistics
⁵ Crime Against Persons with Disabilities, Bureau of Labor Statistics