Advocates Day

It’s easy as pie.
pie slices in orange, blue, and yellow to match INCLUDEnyc colors
On July 19, 2017, staff and supporters of INCLUDEnyc got their pie on and celebrated #AdvocatesDay!
Thank you to everyone who stepped up as an advocate for young people with disabilities, or who supported our advocates with a donation.

Don't worry! Even though #AdvocatesDay has passed, here are ways you can advocate every day!

orange pie

Be an advocate.
Here are 10 easy eays to advocate for people with disabilties:

1. PRESUME COMPETENCE - If you’ve met one person with a disability, you’ve met one person with a disability. Avoid making assumptions about what a person is or isn’t capable of, regardless of what you may have heard about different types of disabilities.

2. SPEAK WITH PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES DIRECTLY - Avoid speaking to their caretakers (if they have them) instead of directly to them. If there is something you want to know about their disability, ask them, and respect their answer (or their choice not to answer).

3. USE RESPECTFUL LANGUAGE when speaking with and about people with disabilities. When in doubt, ask the person how they prefer to refer to their disability. And NEVER use the word “retarded.” If you hear others using it, speak up!

4. RECOGNIZE INVISIBLE DISABILITIES - Disabilities (like mental illness and autism, for example) are not always visible. Avoid snap judgments or reacting quickly and impatiently to other people’s behavior.

5. EDUCATE YOURSELF - Read up on the history of disability rights, how far we’ve come, and how far we have yet to go. Learn about how the laws work (ADA, IDEA) for people with disabilities who need accommodations in school, at work, and in life.

6. LISTEN TO PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES - All too often people with disabilities are talked about and not listened to. Everyone’s voice deserves to be heard, disability or no disability.

7. SUPPORT INCLUSION - All people have the right to be in the world: to learn, to work, to travel, and to have fun. True inclusion for people with disabilities requires that we work hard to make all aspects of life both physically and societally accessible.

8. VOLUNTEER - There are many opportunities to volunteer for organizations and events that support people with disabilities.

9. VOTE - Vote for those whose policies support the rights of people with disabilities. Know your candidate!

10. SPEAK UP AND SPEAK OUT - If you hear someone speaking negatively about people with disabilities, say something! Attend community meetings held around disability issues and help educate your peers. If you witness someone being mistreated or discriminated against because of their disability — at work, on the bus, in a store — speak up!

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Support our advocates.
There's still time to make a tax-deductible donation
to keep our programs free of charge for NYC families.
Text INCLUDE10 to 80077 to donate $10.
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