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INCLUDEnyc LIVE: Charter Schools and Students with Disabilities


What rights are the same--and different--for students in Charter schools compared to those in traditional public schools? 


Here are some topics that our guest will discuss: 


What is the IDEA, 504 and Chancellor's Regulations?

What is the role of the school, district and parent in special education?

What does discipline look like in this setting?

What does promotion and retention look like?

What are some key laws and regulations to know?

What are dispute resolution pathways under the IDEA & specific to charter schools?



Nelson Mar, Esq., Senior Staff Attorney, Education Law Unit, Bronx Legal Services



Jean Mizutani, INCLUDEnyc Senior Education Specialist

DATE: Thu, 01/17/2019
TIME: 12:00pm-1:00pm


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