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Jane Heaphy
Jane Heaphy, M.P.A.
Deputy Executive Director For Programs
Jane brings over 25 years of educational nonprofit management experience. Focused on equity and access over her career, she led the Options Center and created the Options Institute, which provide college access and success programming to young people and training and capacity-building to school and community based counselors. She also headed Learning Leaders whose programs engaged parents as essential partners in public education. Jane lives in Brooklyn with her family. A graduate of the NYC public schools, she is also the proud parent of two teenagers in public high schools in Brooklyn. She has a Masters in Public Administration from Baruch College.
Elizabeth Golini
Elizabeth is excited to join the staff at INCLUDEnyc as a Director of Parent and Family Engagement. For the past ten years, she has worked with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other disabilities and their families in non-public settings, charter schools, and public schools. She has a Master’s degree in Special Education from Simmons College and is a Doctoral Student at Hunter College. Additionally, she brings her knowledge as a Licensed Behavior Analyst and Board Certified Behavior Analyst to INCLUDEnyc. Elizabeth is passionate about working with families and communities to better serve people with disabilities. She is committed to working for educational equity and access for all children and their families.
Jean Mizutani
Jean Mizutani
Senior Education Specialist
Jean has worked at INCLUDEnyc since 1999. She manages the direct assistance program, works with parents and professionals, and conducts training on advocacy skills and special education. She is a key leader of INCLUDEnyc's Special Education Parent Centers and participates in several coalitions and advisory groups. Formerly a chef, she is the parent of a daughter with disabilities. Jean first contacted our organization as a parent seeking help and volunteered for two years before joining the staff.
Alfonso Guzman
Alfonso Guzman, M.A.
Senior Manager of Parent and Family Engagement
Alfonso conducts recruitment and outreach activities, and helps to develop and deliver NY PROMISE trainings. He has designed, translated, and delivered a wide variety of parent workshops for families and professionals. He began his career in Early Intervention, has trained families in the child welfare system, and brings over a decade of social services experience to his work. Alfonso has an M.A. in Psychology.
Ruth DiRoma
Ruth DiRoma, M.S. Ed.
Senior Family Educator
Ruth brings a lifetime of nonprofit and advocacy experience to INCLUDEnyc, including 30 years working for the Healing Arts Initiative. As a parent of a child with a disability herself, Ruth lends an intimate knowledge and passion to her mission to help New York City families provide the best possible education and future for their own children with disabilities. She has a master’s degree in Special Education and Urban Education as well as a master’s in Labor Relations and Management from Pace University.
Kpana Kpoto
Kpana Kpoto
Senior Family Educator
Kpana brings a wealth of information and expertise as a parent advocate and co-founder of a growing autism parent support group in the Bronx. She develops and disseminates information and resources to parents in underserved communities and collaborates with community organizations in the interest of people with disabilities. As a parent of a child with a developmental disability, she brings a passionate family perspective to her work. Kpana has a B.A. in Communications from Howard University.
Kimberly McCoy
Kimberly MCcoy
Senior Family Educator
Kimberly is an attorney, special educator, and parent of a child with autism. She brings over 10 years of experience in special education, ranging from early childhood evaluator and home-based ABA instructor to community school teacher. She attended City College for her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Special Education and earned her J.D. at Seton Hall University School of Law.
Diana Bagioli
Diana Biagioli, M.A.
Family Educator
Diana has extensive experience with nonprofits in the fields of education, immigration, and the environment, both in New York City and in London, England. One of her children has a learning disability, and Diana is thrilled to be able to guide young people and their families. She is a native Spanish speaker and is particularly interested in servicing and supporting the Spanish-speaking community. Diana has an M.A. in Latin American Studies from Tulane University.
Sasha Bueno
Sasha bueno
Family Educator
Sasha’s desire to work with individuals with disabilities started at a young age as an older sibling to a person with multiple disabilities. Over the past ten years, Sasha has worked with individuals with speech and language disabilities, taught in ICT classrooms, and provided behavior intervention therapy (ABA) in a variety of settings. Sasha is a native Spanish speaker and NYS certified teacher. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Pace University and a Master’s Degree in Transformative Literacy from The City College of New York. Sasha is happy to be a part of the INCLUDEnyc team. She is motivated to educate and provide support to families, especially within the Latino community.
Simone Capparelli
Simone capparelli
Family Educator
Growing up in New York City, Simone was a student in New York Cityschools and a sister helping her sibling with learning disabilities. Witnessing her family's struggle finding the right supports for her brother, Simone became passionate about pursuing a career in education. Simone has over ten years experience as a special education teacher, behavioral intervention specialist, life skills coach, and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapist. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from City College and a Master’s Degree in General and Special Education from Touro College. Simone is excited to be a part of INCLUDEnyc as a Family Educator specializing in early childhood.
Maggie Downham
Maggie Downham
Family Educator
As a person with multiple disabilities, Maggie brings both professional and personal experience to her work at INCLUDEnyc as a Family Educator. She knows the struggles and joys that living with a disability brings. Watching her mother advocate for her growing up, Maggie learned to be her own advocate. While her personal experiences have inspired her to do this work, she also feels strongly that she has a professional responsibility to empower families with the knowledge and skills they need to advocate for their children. As a result, she entered full-time family advocacy, bringing with her 7 years of experience as a special educator during which she served students with disabilities grades 5-8 in various settings.
Colin Montgomery
Colin Montgomery, M.A., M.S. Ed.
Family Educator
Colin believes strongly in educational empowerment as a means to greater racial and social justice for families and communities. A former Special Education teacher and department head, he joinedINCLUDEnyc to advocate for and provide support to families of children and young people with disabilities by connecting them to resources within the community and by delivering interactive workshops. He holds a Masters degree in Special Education. His teaching work and previous work with immigrant students in New York have deeply informed his commitment to working with families and communities.
Steffany Ruiz
Steffany Ruiz
Family Educator
Steffany Ruiz is a firm believer that the family is the basis of society and therefore plays a fundamental role in our children’s lives. Steffany has joined INCLUDEnyc to advocate and provide support to families of children and young people with disabilities by connecting them to resources within the community and delivering interactive workshops through the NYS PROMISE Project. Steffany holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and has extensive experience working in the field of social services. She began her professional career working with families of children in early childhood in Bogota, Colombia, then as a case manager for a Mental Health clinic and as a family advocate for high risk families in New York City.
Julianne Toce
Julianne Toce
Family Educator
Julianne is a Family Educator at INCLUDEnyc. She has taught general and special education in New York City public schools and has a Master’s degree in Sociology and Education from the Teachers College at Columbia University. She has a strong dedication to racial justice and equal rights, and believes in the need to acknowledge their intersection with schools and special education in teaching and advocacy work.