PERSPECTIVES: How INCLUDEnyc Helped Build A More Inclusive Community in 2018

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How INCLUDEnyc Helped Build A More Inclusive Community in 2018

We reached 100,000 individuals with free, accessible information and resources, so that all young people with disabilities are educated and included in school, in the workforce and in society. All our programs are free and available in English and Spanish, and multiple other languages.

We offered programs that help youth with any disability—particularly those from low-income, minority, and/or immigrant communities who are at the greatest risk of poor academic or employment outcomes—so that they can find their voice, set goals, and build skills to advocate for full inclusion.

We presented over 300 workshops and trainings in all five boroughs, so parents understand their rights and the rights of their children, and can develop advocacy skills.

We reached more than 23,000 people each week—inside and outside the disability community—with vital information, events, and news on issues important to young people with disabilities and their families.

We provided intensive, direct support for over 100 young adults with disabilities to develop plans for education, employment, and community involvement to help them become full members of the workforce and society.

We cultivated parent leaders from diverse, underrepresented families of varying backgrounds, ethnicities, legal statuses, and socioeconomic classes to amplify their voices in our community.

We trained professionals on how to support students with disabilities, in all types of classroom settings, helping to create an inclusive culture for all students within their school.

We elevated the voices of people with disabilities, so that our community is heard when social, educational, and government policies are discussed locally and statewide.  

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You can help create a more inclusive, equitable New York City for young people with disabilities.

Volunteer. You can volunteer at an INCLUDEnyc special event, such as the INCLUDEnyc Fair (January 2019), Outdoors for Autism or our annual symposium.

Partner. Help us expand our reach in 2019. Host a workshop at your school or organization.

Give. This holiday season, give young people with disabilities and their families the gift of life-changing resources and assistance. Click here to learn more.

Engage. Are we touching on topics important to you? Your feedback is important. Contact with the subject line: Get Involved.


If you would like to serve as a Spanish, Mandarin, or Cantonese translator, or an ASL interpreter at this event, let us know:   

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