Equitable School Reopening Recommendations

INCLUDEnyc Provides School Reopening Recommendations To Address Educational Disparities for Students

New York, NY, June 29, 2020—INCLUDEnyc, as a member of The New York Equity Coalition, provided recommendations on how school districts can address educational disparities for students with disabilities, such as students attending school daily and when remote, having access to live instruction in multiple languages. Other recommendations for students with disabilities include in-home or offsite related services, regular and consistent contact with staff, as well as restorative justice practices rather than suspension to address student trauma. 

“During COVID-related school closures, students with disabilities and their families struggled significantly to access remote learning. We refuse to repeat this experience in the fall and cannot allow the achievement gap between non-disabled students and students with disabilities to widen further,” said Barbara Glassman, Executive Director of INCLUDEnyc, a non-profit that advocates for young people with disabilities and their families.

The New York Equity Coalition, led by The Education Trust--New York, is a group of civil rights, education, parent, and business organizations committed to fighting for higher achievement and greater opportunities for all students in New York State. INCLUDEnyc is one of the coalition's nearly 30 member organizations. Read the full policy brief. 

To speak to INCLUDEnyc’s Executive Director Barbara Glassman or Policy Director Lori Podvesker, please contact Jennifer Reres, Director of Communications, at jreres@includenyc.org.