Navigator: April 22, 2021

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NYC students set to "age out" of school may stay another year

New push underway to eliminate subminimum wage
Disability Scoop

Disability films aren't new, but Oscar recognition is

Why we need to become more aware of the language we use everyday


Talking to kids about racism and violence
Child Mind Institute

How to support young people who experienced body changes this last year as they return to school and friends
New York Times

Homebound vaccinations for NYC residents resume this week (Moderna)


Tune into our next podcast episode, Navigating Life: Thoughts on education, ableism, and advocacy.

Tyrese Alleyne-Davis originally recorded this episode when he was in high school and had become an advocate in the community. Currently attending NYU, Tyrese has dreams of becoming an advocacy lawyer, concentrating on elevating the rights of the disabled community.