Statement: School Diversity Advisory Group’s Second Set of Recommendations

In response to the School Diversity Advisory Group’s second round of recommendations, Barbara A. Glassman, Executive Director of INCLUDEnyc stated the following:

“We are pleased that this latest set of School Diversity Advisory Group recommendations includes recommendations that emphasize better integration of students with disabilities than the initial ones that were adopted in June. Specifically, the report includes recommendations that promote community integration of students with disabilities through changes in the enrollment process for students who attend District 75 programs. It also calls for the creation and convening of a committee that will include students, parents, educators, and advocates to promote system-wide integration strategies. 

These recommendations do not go far enough. We continue to have concerns that they, along with many others, are inadequate and will not lead to meaningful inclusion of the nearly 300,000 students with disabilities throughout our school system. 

Our goal is for students in all grades, schools, programs, and buildings to be in desegregated educational settings so that they can learn together and create diverse communities that will enrich and advance our city.”

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