The World is Yours

Angel Acosta faced various obstacles related to his disability, but still persevered to pursue higher education. Angel, who has spina bifida and uses a wheelchair, experienced bullying in elementary school. He also helped a friend who was experiencing depression and isolation. From those experiences, Angel decided that he wanted to help others as a psychologist. Acosta was named valedictorian of his middle school class.

At The Henry Viscardi School, Angel advocated for disability awareness among students of all ages. He was elected Student Council Secretary and inducted in National Honor Society. Despite his good grades and academic leadership, Angel faced several challenges.

Angel wasn’t admitted to his college of choice. He also faced an unexpected health issue and needed surgery immediately. As a result, Angel missed his final NYS Regents exam, and the opportunity to earn an Advanced Regents Diploma.

Although he faced overwhelming odds and uncertainty, Angel persevered and was admitted to LaGuardia Community College. He hopes to earn his Bachelor’s degree and pursue his doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help,” Angel advised his peers preparing for the college application process at INCLUDEnyc’s 2018 College is Possible event. “I experienced failures, but I didn’t stop. The world is yours,” he said.


Watch Angel's full College is Possible speech here.