"Our children's future depends on how hard we fight for them. Our children need a voice."

That is what parent Dionn Hurley says inspired her to become a part of the INCLUDEnyc family.

Each day, INCLUDEnyc works to ensure that every parent of a child with disabilities has the resources and assistance necessary to support their child.

"To have someone there, who understands the struggles from a parent's point of view, that's the gift of INCLUDEnyc."

Your gift will help INCLUDEnyc assist parents of children with any disability—all free of charge.

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We use your contributions with integrity. We are proud of our four star Charity Navigator rating and our platinum Guidestar profile.

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Donation refunds are handled case-by-case; contact us at development@includenyc.org for more information.