“I am concerned about passing my anxiety on to my kids. Now, mommy yells a lot and is very stressed. This is hard.” —INCLUDEnyc parent   

INCLUDEnyc is maintaining—and even expanding—our programming to meet the needs of our families in this challenging time.

Here are some ways we are assisting families during this health crisis (as always, all programs are free and offered in English and Spanish):

  • Help Line with expanded “after remote school-time” hours
  • Facebook Live sessions on COVID-19 topics
  • Virtual Parent Support Groups
  • New resource materials on remote learning, at home activities, and maintaining emotional health
  • Special weekly COVID-19 emails sharing timely information
  • COVID-19 website pages on INCLUDEnyc.org and INCLUYEnyc.org with important guidance from government agencies

We use your contributions with integrity. We are proud of our four star Charity Navigator rating and our platinum Guidestar profile.

Charity Navigator four star charity  Guidestar platinum rating sesal

Donation refunds are handled case-by-case; contact us at development@includenyc.org for more information.