INCLUDEnyc Voices

What all parents want for their children

Love. Equity. Access. Bringing these to young people with disabilities is the guiding principle at INCLUDEnyc.

As the proud father of Annie, a young woman with Down syndrome, I know firsthand the challenges faced by young people with disabilities and their families. I will never forget how helpless my wife and I felt when navigating New York City’s complex disability service systems — not only while trying to obtain appropriate supports for our daughter, but also working to ensure that she had access to those services year after year.

As you can imagine, I want for Annie what all parents want for their children: to pave the way toward a bright future, help them achieve their full potential, and be fully included in school, work, and community life. INCLUDEnyc does these things in ways that demonstrate their profound belief in these young people, deep respect for who they are, and confidence in their personal abilities.

Each year, whether providing direct assistance through their multilingual help line, working one-on-one with students in our Youth Services program, or offering training, referrals, and advocacy advice — all free of charge — INCLUDEnyc assists over 9,000 parents, professionals, and youth with any disability.

I joined the INCLUDEnyc family fifteen years ago, because I believe every parent should have the resources and assistance necessary to understand their child’s rights and access needed services. That is why I support this outstanding organization.