Early Intervention (COVID-19 Contact Sheet)

The Bureau of Early Intervention (EI) is currently accepting referrals and convening Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) meetings by phone. EI services and evaluations are being delivered through teletherapy (using online tools with live video) to the maximum extent possible. Service coordination also is being done remotely. Please contact your service coordinator, if you have any questions or concerns.

If your child does not yet receive EI services, you can still make a referral to EI during this time. Call 311 and ask for Early Intervention or complete the EI Referral Form and fax it to your borough regional office:

Brooklyn: (718) 722-2998 or (718) 722-2996
Manhattan: (212) 436-0902
Queens: (718) 553-3997
Staten Island: (718) 568-2341 
Bronx: (718) 838-6862

You can contact the EI Consumer Affairs office for help with referrals or any concerns you may have about your child’s services at or call (347) 396-6828. Note that regional office employees are currently working remotely. 

You will need to give consent for your child to receive teletherapy or any evaluations. Talk to your service coordinator or contact EI Consumer Affairs if you have questions. 

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