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INCLUDEnyc LIVE: Speech & Language Development in Young Children


Speech & language development is one of the first things that parents observe in their young children.

Learn about:

  • Tracking your child's speech and language milestones
  • Noticing red flags and how to get help
  • Paying attention to verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Encouraging language in your young child
  •  Making the most of speech services through Early Intervention and preschool
  • Determining if the absence of expressive language indicates that your child is not making progress
  • Establishing good communication between parents and speech providers

Guest: Leslie Grubler MA, CCC-SLP-Director of Clinical Education and Clinical Services, Lehman College,  City University of New York

This webinar has already passed, but you can watch the recording of it via the link on the left.

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