How to Build Relationships with Schools and Caregivers

The key to communicating with your child’s teachers and caregivers is to form a partnership. The goal is to work together in the best interest of your child.

  • Think of your child’s teachers and caregivers as allies in his/her development.
  • Keep the lines of communication open. Take the lead in beginning conversations and sharing information.
  • Ask questions, share concerns, and raise issues when they first develop.
  • Keep teachers and caregivers informed about unusual things in your child’s life, such as sleep problems, family illness, divorce, etc.
  • Remember that your child’s teachers and caregivers have their own busy lives and challenges. Be kind and respectful to each other.
  • Work to solve problems together by planning solutions you can use both at home, in school, and in child care.
  • Let your child know you are operating as a team with their teachers and caregivers.
  • Expect to discuss both your child’s positive and negative behaviors.
  • Remember: No child is perfect!
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