Deciding When Your Student Graduates

Update on graduation requirements for June 2020

This year, parents of eligible students will be asked to decide whether they wish their student to graduate or continue their education.

Due to COVID-19, Regents Exams were cancelled for June and August 2020. If your student was planning to take a Regents exam in June 2020, one or more Regents exams can be waived, which may enable your student to graduate

Parents of eligible students will be asked if they would like to take advantage of the waiver, which will allow their student to graduate now with a diploma. If a parent declines the waiver,  the student will continue in school next year and must pass the tests next year in order to graduate with a diploma.

These waivers are only available due to COVID-19, are a one-time decision, and cannot be reversed. This decision is an important one that impacts your student’s next steps after high school. Students that continue in school will not have the waiver option next year, and will be required to pass all the required Regents exams or meet safety net requirements by the school year in which they turn 21 years old in order to graduate with a diploma.  

If your student is eligible to graduate because of the Regents waiver, you will receive an email, which explains your choices. Reach out to your student’s school and NYCTCAC@schools.nyc.gov for assistance making the best decision for your student.

It is very important that you inform the school which option you have chosen for your student. Students with IEPs cannot graduate unless you reply to the email with your decision. Please refer to the Department of Education document titled, “Updates on Graduation Requirements June 2020” for information about your choices.

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