Distance Learning for College Students

As college students adjust to learning at home, here are some pointers for remote instruction and accessing the support you need.

How should college students stay updated on changes due to COVID-19?

  • Follow your school’s social media accounts, visit your school’s official website, and check your college email account daily.
  • Identify your college’s coronavirus-specific text or email hotline, e.g. CUNY’s email hotline is Coronavirus.taskforce@cuny.edu.

Where should college students go to get information about their college’s distance learning platforms if they need help?

  • Most college’s technology platforms and cloud resources, such as Blackboard, Microsoft Office 365 (including OneDrive), and Dropbox can be found online.
  • CUNY Technology Resources
  • Contact your campus Information Technology (IT) department for assistance.
  • Speak to your college classmates, friends, and other academic support contacts. See more below.

What if a college student does not have access to technology at home to participate in distance learning?

  • For free or low cost internet services for 60 days, call:
    • Spectrum: (844) 488-8395
    • Optimum: (866) 200-9522
  • If students are experiencing a disruption in connecting to their classes, they should contact the professor and/or their accessibility counselor immediately.

Whom should students reach out to for academic support?

  • For students who were receiving academic support through programs like ASAP and SEEK/CD, reach out to your contacts at the program by email and inquire how to access this support remotely.
  • Contact the Learning Resource Center at your college to sign up for online tutoring, if available.
  • Reach out to your Learning Specialist at the Office of Accessibility to inquire about how they are supporting students with disabilities.
  • Reach out to your notetaker or tutor, if you have one.
  • If students are not understanding the content in a specific class, contact the professor with questions.
  • If the professor is unresponsive or if the issues require additional support, students can also contact the department chair for additional guidance.

Where can guidance counselors go for information to support their students?

  • The CUNY Welcome Center is closed to the public. Guidance counselors can receive information by emailing counselors@cuny.edu.

Who is allowed to be on campus during school closure?

  • Currently, most campuses are closed and are following their state’s guidance on limiting anyone who is not an essential worker. Please contact your campus or visit their COVID-19 update page on your school’s website for more information.

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