How to Access NYC Department of Education Remote Learning Instruction

This is the first system-wide transition to remote learning in New York City schools. As with many things related to coronavirus, this transition has been and will be stressful for both students and families. If you need assistance, we encourage you to call our Help Line. Here are some things to consider when starting out on remote learning:


What is remote learning?

Remote learning is school instruction that students receive from home, run through platforms on the Internet. Students will learn lessons and do assignments, projects, and tests all online. Remote learning should feel interactive with teachers available to assist students like they would in class. Students will continue to be graded. The information below applies to students in K-12 public schools. Expect further communication from the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) or your child’s school regarding remote learning in Early Childhood, Pre-K, charter, or private schools.


How does my child get connected to remote learning?

Your child will need access to an Internet-enabled device, like a laptop or iPad. You also may use your personal device for remote learning.


What if I don’t have an Internet-enabled device at home?

If you do not have access, NYCDOE will loan your child a device, such as an iPad, which will come Internet-ready. You can request one by filling out this request form or by calling 718-935-5100 and choosing Option 5 on the menu. If you have more than one child, you will need to fill out a separate request for each child. The DOE will send the device to the address you put in the form and requires that you fill out a “user agreement” before shipping your child’s device. You will be expected to return the device when in-person instruction resumes.

For more information about getting an Internet-enabled device through the DOE, visit: https://on.nyc.gov/3bhrzhg


What if I don’t have an Internet connection at home?

If your child will use a personal device for remote learning, but you have no Internet access, you might have access to a public Wi-Fi network. If you aren’t able to access the Internet or have any other internet access issues, contact staff at your school. Spectrum and Optimum are offering access for 60 days to families without Internet. Call Spectrum at (855) 243-8892 and Optimum at (866) 200-9522.


Who do I contact if a device doesn’t work or breaks?

For now, please speak with your child’s teacher and school staff. If you are using a DOE iPad, here’s more tech support: https://on.nyc.gov/2QHkXAR


What will remote learning look like for my child?

Each school is responsible for making it clear what remote learning looks like and how to best communicate. The remote learning day generally will look like a mix of shorter ‘live’ class periods in the morning and independent work time in the afternoon, where a teacher is still available.

Your school staff also should share a class schedule and guidance on support for your child during independent work time. Expect to get information on the platforms your child will be using, such as Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom. For more on the DOE Remote Learning Portal: https://on.nyc.gov/2UwJiKZ


How will my school communicate with families?

School staff will use NYC Schools accounts to communicate directly with families during this period of remote learning. They may also communicate through your school’s remote learning platform or call you.


What if my child doesn’t have access to remote learning yet?

Your child’s school knows there will be a lag for students and families who don’t yet have a device or Internet connection. Students won’t face penalties for being unable to access remote learning during this transition. Speak with school staff about how to best access instruction while you wait for your device. For more learning at home resources: https://on.nyc.gov/3bkgSuv

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