How to access a Bilingual Special Education Program

Bilingual Special Education (BSE) is a specialized program for students who require an Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) or Special Class (SC) with a language of instruction other than English. These programs are intended to support English Language Learners/Multilingual Learners who benefit from culturally and linguistically responsive instruction that address cognitive, academic, and linguistic needs.

Step 1: Individual Education program (IEP) Document

The IEP provides recommendations on special education programs and services.


The IEP section “Recommended Special Education Programs and Services” must recommend ICT or Special Class program with a language of instruction
other than English. The language should be recommended in the Service Delivery Recommendations.


Student will be eligible for placement in a BSE Program.

All recommended special education programs and services should be a reflection of the needs of the students through the IEP.


Step 2: Initial Review

The school IEP team or the family needs to contact the Central BSE programs team at BSEprograms@schools.nyc.gov to submit the inquiry.


The Central BSE Programs Team will review the student’s IEP to:

    1. Confirm that it recommends a bilingual ICT or Special Class

    2. Identify the Dual Language/Transitional Bilingual Education program with available seats that is closest to the student's home



  • If you email the Central BSE programs team, you will receive an email acknowledging your inquiry.
  • The Central BSE programs team will notify your child’s school or district Committee on Special Education to let them know that the family is interested in a BSE program for the student.