Indoor Fun: Activities for Students K-12

Who said staying indoors is boring? Here are some free activities to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. 

Grades K-5


National Geographic
Roar like a lion, buzz like a bee! Find out all the amazing animal facts here.

Live Stream San Diego Zoo
Visit the polar bears, baboons, koalas, and other fun animals.

Georgia Aquarium Web Cams
Dive underwater and watch the beluga whales, piranhas, and other undersea creatures.



Girls Who Code (for everyone!) 
Learn to code through creative activities and digital storytelling, no matter the experience level. You’ll need various materials depending on activity. Some activities are printable (optional).

Tech Kids Unlimited:
Learn digital art and animation, as well as video editing through these virtual workshops. Free until May 17th.


Arts & Culture

Extreme Kids and Crew
Storytime with the crew at Extreme Kids.

National Geographic
Travel through the states and learn what makes each one unique.

Hop through some of the world’s coolest museum exhibits and feel like you’re there in person.

Children’s Museum of the Arts
Use household items from foil to ice cube trays to create bright and beautiful art projects.

Drag Queen Story
Hour For the young movers and shakers! Cozy up and listen to Miz Jade and others tell enchanting stories and get groovy with dance moves.


Fitness & Wellbeing

Downdog App 
Engage the mind and body while learning all kinds of yoga, from relaxation and focus to flowy and fun. You’ll need a yoga mat. Free for students and teachers until July 1st, 2021. 

The Mighty
Dance parties and drawing workshops to get creative juices flowing! 

Food Network: Cooking with Kids
Invite young ones into the kitchen to whip up kid friendly recipes that they can help make and eat. You’ll need various ingredients and kitchen appliances. 



Help kids understand and talk about feelings by interacting with their favorite PBS characters, such as Arthur and Clifford.

Scholastic Story Starters
Foster creative writing through prompts and brainstorming techniques. Explore writing styles and genres.

Get crafty together or work on geography, math, or even fine motor skills projects together, all grouped by age and topic.

The Spanish Experiment
Read classic tales to little ones and teach them Spanish all at once.

Listen along to children’s stories and unwind with upbeat music for little listeners.

Scholastic: Interactive Storybook
Use audio and visual cues to help young readers.

Teach Your Monster to Read
Practice sounds and letters and learn to read in a fun, colorful way.



Visit Mars from the living room, in this interactive tour.

National Geographic
Blast off to space! Explore and learn about each planet.


Grades 6-12


Girls who Code (For everyone!)
Learn to code and be a digital storyteller, no matter the experience level! Some activities are printable (optional). 

Tech Kids Unlimited
Get creative with digital art and animation, as well as video editing. Virtual workshops free until May 17th.



Downdog App
Engage the mind and body while learning all kinds of yoga, from relaxation and focus to flowy and fun. You’ll need a yoga mat. Free for students and teachers until July 1st.


Arts and Culture

Sit back and enjoy a short film festival featuring people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Virtual "Teen Time" at the Brooklyn Public Library
Participate in virtual sessions with peers, such Podcast Clubs and Dungeons and Dragons. 

NPR-Tiny Desk Concerts
Listen to both classic and new artists of all genres, showcase their talent, while jamming out from home. 

Heads Up App:
Guessing game with multiple decks such as “Pop Culture,” “Act it Out,”and “Icons, Legends, Stars.” Tablet or smartphone needed. 

New York Times
Teens and Young Adults can browse through the “Student Opinion” section, provide commentary, and join the conversation. Create a free account by selecting the “Log in” button on top right.



Discover trends and stats over time with the U.S. Census such as “Women in the Workforce.”

New York Times
Tackle the “mini” version of the classic crossword puzzle. Just as challenging as its older sibling. Create free account by selecting “Log in” button on top right.



Visit Mars from the living room in this interactive tour.


Stay engaged, active, and informed in fun ways!

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