Questions to Ask Your Child’s NYC Charter School about Remote Learning

Charter schools are public schools that are privately managed and which operate with more independence than traditional public neighborhood schools. A charter school can be part of a network of schools or a standalone school. You can verify whether your child attends a charter school by searching on the NYC Department of Education website. Find a school.

Remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic will vary between charter schools or networks. The NYC Charter School Center’s COVID-19 Resources webpage has links to some charter schools and networks’ remote learning models, as well as technology tips and instructional programs. Here are some questions to consider asking your child’s NYC charter school about remote learning, special education, and Multilingual Learners. For further support, please call INCLUDEnyc’s Help Line at (212) 677-4660. 

Remote Learning 

  1. How will remote learning work for my child? 
  2. Does the school or network have resources for families on how remote learning will work?  
  3. Who is my point of contact to help access instruction? To troubleshoot technology issues? 
  4. I don’t have Internet or an Internet-enabled device, like a computer, tablet, or smartphone. How does my child access remote learning?  
  5. How can I best support my child during remote learning? 
  6. Will the grading policy change? How? 
  7. How will communication between staff and families work day to day? Will there be any online webinars or other shared meeting opportunities for families? 
  8. How will communication between my child and their teachers work day to day?
  9. How is the school or network sharing changes in policies with families? Are changes noted on the school website, family handbook, or other places? 

Special Education and Multilingual Learners 

  1.  How will special education services and related services like speech, occupational therapy, and counseling work? 
  2.  Who will my special education contact(s) at the school be? 
  3.  [If your child isn’t receiving their special education services] My child isn’t getting their special education services. What are the steps to begin services? 
  4.  How will IEP meetings work during this time? 
  5.  I’m interested in getting my child (re-)evaluated for special education services. How will that work? 
  6.  My child has an assistive technology device (AT) like a laptop or a communication device. Who will help support them with it during remote learning? 
  7.  My child is a Multilingual/English Language Learner (MLL/ELL). What will supports look like during remote learning? 

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