Resources to Support Multilingual and English Language Learners

What you should know:

  • All students will have access to a distance learning portal that will be used to support communication among the student, teacher, special education services, and necessary supports for English learners and multilingual students.
  • Every student has an account that was created by the Department of Education and that must be activated by the student or his parents through a computer or iPad.
  • Each school is responsible for creating a learning plan and providing the necessary supports so that multilingual students and those who are learning English receive their classes in English and in their native language.
  • All devices have the feature of changing the language to one desired by the user.
  • There is also “Google Translate,” which can be used on the computer or iPad and is also available on many websites.

Resources for Multilingual and English Language Learners at Home:

  •  Support learning at home with school activities in the native language of the home and activities that are appropriate to the child's age and level. Colorín Colorado is a website that offers strategies and resources for families in the field of literature. 
  • “Parent toolkit” is a web page that also offers lessons and suggestions in Spanish to help in the areas of ​​literature, mathematics, and to develop social skills. This page also offers videos in Spanish to help young people learn certain math exercises. 
  • “Opening Doors” is another available resource that is currently offering supports, ideas, and strategies to help parents take advantage of this time to support Multilingual and English Language Learners.
  • “The Spanish Experiment” offers parents with young children written and video stories translated into Spanish. 

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