Students with IEPs Graduating June 2020

As a reminder, students with IEPs are always encouraged to reach for the highest diploma option available. They do have some safety net options to ensure that they have equal access to receiving a high school diploma. For more information, speak with your school or refer to INCLUDEnyc’s tip sheets on diploma options and credentials

The State Education Department released this guidance and this FAQ about how canceled Regents exams will affect graduation requirements for June 2020. The following summarizes the main points.

If your student is planning to receive a Regents or Advanced Regents Diploma...

  • All June and August 2020 Regents exams have been canceled due to COVID-19. This means that all students who would have taken Regents exams this year are exempt from these exams. 
  • If your student is enrolled in a course that would have culminated in a Regents exam, they need to pass this Regents level course in order to receive credits for the course. This will count as if they received a 65 on the Regents exam for the purpose of graduation decisions. If they do not pass the course, they are eligible for summer instruction and the opportunity to pass the course in August.
  • If your student was previously enrolled in the course of study leading to a Regents exam, and has not passed the associated Regents exam but was intending to take the exam again in June 2020 to achieve a passing score, they also are exempt from this Regents exam, which will count as a 65.

If your student is planning to receive a local diploma...

  • For students who meet the requirements to earn a local diploma through the superintendent determination and have been working toward earning a CDOS credential, and for any students working toward the CDOS, the number of hours to earn a CDOS credential is currently waived. 
  • The CDOS can still be counted as the students +1 pathway toward the diploma. Since the number of hours is waived, the school principal, in consultation with relevant staff, must make a determination that the student has otherwise demonstrated knowledge and skills in the commencement level CDOS learning standards.
  • Even though waived exams are considered a 65 for the purpose of making diploma determinations, they are not reported on transcripts and they may not be used for the compensatory pathway to compensate for a score below 65 on a different Regents exam.

If your student has a developmental disability or is planning to receive the CDOS or SACC as their only existing credential and/or they are “aging out” (or 21 years old prior to June 30th)...  

  • If you have not yet applied to OPWDD for eligibility, the first step is to do so as soon as possible. OPWDD is currently offering virtual Front Door sessions. Each borough has their own schedule of sessions. You can register by phone or email. 
    • Manhattan: (646) 766-3220, kathleen.kingston@opwdd.ny.gov 
    • Brooklyn: (718) 642-8576,  shaqueen.c.walcott@opwdd.ny.gov
    • Bronx: (718) 430-0757, myron.woodley@opwdd.ny.gov 
    • Queens: (718) 217-6485, soreth.x.mitchell@opwdd.ny.gov 
    • Staten Island: (718) 982-1913, kerry.panarella@opwdd.ny.gov
  •  If you have questions about eligibility, use the contact information above to be connected to OPWDD. If you have questions about which adult services are right for you, call INCLUDEnyc’s Help Line at 212-677-4660.

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