Recreation and Community | Transition

General Human Outreach in the Community Inc. (GHO)
(718) 307-6583

Institute for Career Development
(212) 585-6000

Invictus Enterprises Foundation
(206) 979-6817

New York CASE
(607) 255-7727

NY Foundling
(212) 633-9300

NYIT Vocational Independence Program

Opportunities For A Better Tomorrow
(718) 369-0303

(718) 7-AUTISM

Threshold Program at Lesley University
(617) 349-8181

Transition and College Access Center (TCAC)
(718) 804-6790

Youth Power!

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Please note, the organizations listed above are for referral purposes only. They are not affiliated with or endorsed by INCLUDEnyc, and you should decide on your own whether to accept any services from them or their advice regarding your legal rights.