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Parent IEP Member Training


Become a certified Parent Member! The Parent Member role is to support a parent of a child with a disability at an IEP meeting. In this training approved by the NYS Education Department, you will learn about procedures, regulations, and strategies to promote a parent's understanding and participation. This training is the first required step to become a certified parent member of the IEP team.

All NYC families are welcome to attend, however, if an attendee chooses to serve as a Parent Member after this training:
• Parent must have a child with an IEP (or have had an IEP within the last 5 years)
• Not be employed by the NYC DOE
• Must be fingerprinted
• This is not a full time job.
• Parents take on this role to help and support parents like themselves.

Presented by the Queens Regional Partnership Center and the School-age Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Center

DATE: Fri, 02/26/2021
TIME: 10:00am-2:00pm